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Conservation of the Forest Owlet and its habitat in Khandwa Landscape - Phase 2

Khandwa Forest Division is located in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. During Phase-1 of the study conducted in 2013-2017, we carried out an intensive study on the ecology of Forest Owlet in East Kalibhit Range of Khandwa District. Following this, Phase-2 of the project has been started, wherein we propose to integrate ecological research and habitat protection to conserve the endangered Forest Owlet and its habitat. The study will develop a protection model for Forest Owlet populations in reserved forest in Khandwa and Burhanpur districts with support of Forest Department and Local Communities.

The forests of Khandwa district are managed mainly for timber harvesting. The area is inhibited mainly by Korku and Gond tribe as well as a small Rathia community. The overall goal of the project is to implement a community based conservation plan to protect the Forest owlet and co-existing owl species and their habitat and nest sites. Nest sites of the forest owlet and co-existing owl species are being identified and protected. A rapid survey was carried out for the distribution of the forest owlet in Burhanpur and Khandwa Districts with the aim of identifying locations for its protection. An improved cook stove programme is being implemented to reduce the pressure of firewood consumption on forests.









The project is supported by Madhya Pradesh Biodiversity Board.

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