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On 3rd March 2024, an exhalating milestone was achieved. We successfully conducted Ujani Waterbird Census in 13 different locations, in collaboration with Solapur Forest Division. We are thrilled by the responses we received for the first Ujani Waterbird Census, 2024. The census was a part of the annual Asian Waterbird Census (AWC), which in turn contributes to the International Waterbird Census (IWC) amplifying its impact on global conservation efforts. More than 60 passionate birders joined this census and contributed to the citizen science initiative. The collective dedication and contribution of people hailing from Pune, Mumbai and Solapur had joined come to contribute for a common cause, showcasing the power of community and need for conserving wildlife. The success of this First Ujani Waterbird Census, 2024 can be contributed to all the participants who selflessly participated for this census who devoted their time. Their involvement exemplifies the impact that collective action can have on promoting environmental understanding and underscores the importance of citizen-led initiatives in safeguarding our natural heritage.

The Ujani Waterbird Census produced notable results, providing us detailed insights into the bird population and distribution around the reservoir. A total of 137 bird species were recorded during the census, highlighting the reservoir's role as a crucial habitat for a diverse group of birds. Out of the 137 species recorded, 64 species belonging to 15 families were identified as waterbirds, accounting for approximately 18,000 out of 20,000 individuals observed. These findings underscore the reservoir's significance as an important habitat for many resident species.

Ujani Waterbird Census 2024

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