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First Waterbird census at Ujani

On 3rd March 2024, the First Ujani Waterbird Census, 2024 was organized by WRCS in Collaboration with Maharashtra Forest Department. A total of 137 Species and more than 20,000 birds were documented during the census. 

Times of India, Lokmat

April 8, 2024


A mission Towards Green Future

Our forests are often over looked and are under continuous pressure. WRCS is dedicated revitalizing the landscape by reintroducing indigenous trees in Koyna, Maharashtra. We are pleased to share the article from Times of India highlighting our Restoration project. Through this project, we have been promoting sustainable forest management practices that will yield enhanced forest produce and also conserve the forests. 

Times of India

March 4, 2024

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Ujani Waterbird Census, 2024

The first-ever Bird Census at Ujani Reservoir was organized by the WRCS in collaboration with the Maharashtra Forest Department Solapur Division. This effort marked a significant step towards understanding and preserving the avian biodiversity of the Ujani Reservoir. The Census was undertaken by 60 enthusiastic participants and the data collected by the participant's will provide a valuable insight into waterbirds population and distribution.

Times of India, Lokmat

March11, 2024

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Elephants are ready, are you?

Like every year the wild Elephants have started their journey. It has already damaged  and ruined the crops of farmers in many villages in Haliyal  and Yallapur division.. In a few days the elephants will enter  to the Mundagod range villages. Pune- based NGO,Wildlife Rresearch and Conservation  Society ( WRCS) is working with farmers in training them in protecting their crops from elephants since last ten years.  WRCS team is already busy installing sirens to provide early alerts and prevent crop damage in villages visited by elephants. The farmers are motivated to make safe watch towers, install trip alarms, bee hive fences and chilly based deterrents to protect their crops. The forest department has instructed that farmers can avoid crop damage caused by elephants by installing low-cost equipment as shown by WRCS”. Range Forest Officer, Mundgod  range explained.

Times of India, Lokmat

March11, 2024

Prachi Mehta with Owl _1_edited.jpg

Special Achievement Award to Dr. Prachi Mehta

Dr. Prachi Mehta gets a global recognition. Mehta's works has received recognition at national and international level. This news was covered in different newspapers.

Maharashtra Times

February 23, 2022


The return of the Forest Owlet

We continue to be inspired by all the wonderful work done by women and men today and every day! 
Featuring Janaki Lenin's article on the Forest Owlet that appeared in the Hindu ! Janaki Lenin

The Hindu

March 6, 2021


Tigers and a Tale

How smokeless chulhas and saris-turned-mahua-nets are helping reduce human-tiger conflict in Melghat Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. Smokeless chulhas, handicraft-making and innovations in collecting mahua flowers have ensured villagers around the Melghat Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra don’t spend too much time deep inside the forest. But their rehabilitation process has come under some fire.

Gaon Connection

January 12, 2021

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