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Wildlife Research and Conservation Society (WRCS) was established in 2005 for conserving wildlife and biodiversity based on scientific principles and scientific information. We work in the following major areas:

  • Tiger conservation in Melghat

  • Study of Forest Owlet

  • Human elephant conflict

  • Conservation of private forests in Western Ghats

  • Conservation of corridors for large carnivores in Western Ghats


We work closely with the Forest Department at most of our project sites. We believe that wildlife conservation and long term sustainability depends on involvement of the local community. We believe that conservation has to be linked  closely to people's livelihoods and people should be benefited from conservation so that they become partners in conservation. At many project sites we work closely with the community on issues of of sustainability and livelihood. At our project sites in North Kanara, Koyna, Melghat and Madhya Pradesh we are helping the local community to develop livelihoods based on themes linked to native wildlife and biodiversity.


We have been supported in our work by large number of partner organizations and funding agencies including the Forest Department, WWF-India, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Raptor Research and Conservation Foundation, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Maharashtra Foundation, Ruffords Foundation, Maharashtra Foundation, KPIT, Tata Motors and UPS Foundation to name a few.


The vision of WRCS is to achieve the long term sustainability or wildlife havens. We hope you will support is in our endeavours.

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