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Melghat Tiger Reserve is well known for its rich biodiversity. Among them, all stands tall the endangered and endemic Forest Owlet.  WRCS is studying the ecology of the Forest Owlet and other sympatric owls in Melghat for last several years. Along with the research, we are actively working on capacity building of front line field staff in identifying and monitoring the owls in Melghat. We organised the second workshop titled " Know your Owls " for the field staff of Sipna, Gugamal and Wildlife divisions on 28th October 202o at Melghat Tiger Reserve. The workshop was attended by Mr. Avinash Kumar, DCF Sipna DIvision, Mr. Vinod Shivkumar, DCF Gugamal division and Mrs. Piyusha Jagtap, DCF Melghat Wildlife Division. Thirty-four field staff including RFO, Foresters, Forest Guards and watchers participated in the workshop. From WRCS, Mr. Jayant Kulkarni, Dr. Prachi Mehta, Mr. Shubham Giri, Mr. Sumedh Bobade, Mr. Ashok Bethekar and Mr. Ram Kasdekar conducted the workshop. The workshop began with an address by Mr. Avinash Kumar, DCF Sipna about the importance of owls in ecology and how it is essential for us to learn about its correct identification. Following this encouraging address, Dr. Mehta presented a detailed overview on the owls of Melghat and how to identify each species by its appearance and calls. WRCS has prepared an android -based app to monitor owls. Mr. Kulkarni briefed the staff about the app the methods  of data collection. The staff will be trained in using the app subsequently.  Mr. Shubham Giri and Mr. Sumedh Bobade conducted the quiz based on the information presented during the workshop. At the end of the workshop, Mr. Vinod Shivkumar and Mrs. Piyusha Jagtap addressed the participants and encouraged them to work towards knowing the owls better.  WRCS presented each participant with a handy booklet of Owls of Melghat Tiger Reserve and a poster on Owls for each division. We are grateful to Mr. M.S. Reddy, Addl. PCCF and Field Director Melghat Tiger Reserve for his encouraging support for our research. We thank Mr. Avinash Kumar, Mrr. Vinod Shivkumar and Ms. Piyusha Jagtap for their presence and encouraging the staff. We are grateful to all the participants for their very enthusiastic response and participation. Our grateful thanks to Raptor Research and Conservation Foundation, Mumbai for supporting the Owl Ecology Project in Melghat. 

Know Your Owls Workshop # 2

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