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October 2022 Outreach Pragram

On the occasion of Wildlife Week  that is celebrated on 1 st week from 2 nd to 8th October. WRCS conducted wildlife awareness programs for School students of Harisal and Chourakund Range of Melghat Tiger Reserve. Mr. Kamran Husain, the Research biologist organised a presentation on owls, screened interesting films on owls and held a quiz for the students. Our project assistants Mr. Ashok Bethekar and Mr. Ram Kasdekar conducted the photo exhibition of wildlife photographs. The villagers and field staff also participated in the event. This program is in collaboration with Melghat Tiger Reserve Authorities and is supported by Raptor Research and Conservation Foundation. Wildlife Week 2022:


Another event was conducted in HVPM school in Harisal Village in Melghat Tiger Reserve. Research Biologist Kamran Husain provided an overview on owl conservation project, conducted a quiz and also screened this wonderful owl film. They also organised a wildlife photo exhibition for the students. The students of 11th and 12 th Class are seen enjoying the event. The program was ably assisted by our Project assistants Ram and Ashok.

On 18th October 2022, WRCS organised a workshop in Awaliya Higher secondary School to spread awareness among the children and the teaching staff about the importance of conservation of owl species around Madhya Pradesh. The workshop was headed by Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Das (Research Biologist) and Mr. Shubham Giri (Research Biologists) in the presence of Forest department staff of Awaliya Range. 

WRCS thanks Madhya Pradesh Forest Department and Awaliya Higher Secondary School for suppoting and for coordinating the workshop.

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