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Bird Week 2020

How to Watch and Identify Birds - Correctly

We conducted this workshop on 7th and 8th November, for the nature guides and field staff of the Forest Department, at Koyna Nagar in Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, on the occasion of the Maharashtra State Bird Week. The workshop was a joint initiative by Wildlife Research and Conservation Society and Sahyadri Tiger Reserve.

The Koyna region has amazing forests and rich biodiversity, which make it a great place for birding. 30 Participants were trained during four outdoor and indoor sessions on how to watch birds and correctly identify them by their size, plumage, and calls. We conducted a quiz, and the participants were given a certificate of participation. Rewarding sightings of Minivets, Orioles, Yellow-browed Bulbuls, Flycatchers, Black Eagle, Bonnelis Eagle, White-bellied Drongo, Ashy Drongo, and many more winged beauties! Our women's handicraft group was trained in new designs for T-shirts, coasters, keychains, and other exciting products. All in all a very successful event.

We gratefully acknowledge Early Bird Garima Bhatia and Nature Conservation Foundation for donating very informative and beautiful handy bird guides as resource material for this program.


We thank Mr. Uttam Sawant, Deputy Director Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR), and Mr. M.N. Mohite DFO, Chandoli National Park for their support for the program. Mr. Uttam Sawant and Mr. Kumbhar (Range Forest Officer), participated in the birding sessions and the indoor training program. Mr. Sawant's visit to the training center was very motivating for the women handicraft workers.


We thank the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve  for collaborating in this very unique initiative.


Kudos to Sunil Kale and the Koyna Team for their wonderful efforts.

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