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Eco-Tourism Develoment Program 

WRCS is  carrying out a project for ecotourism and livelihood development in Koyna and Chandoli corridor in collaboration with Sahydri Tiger Reserve and Mahrashtra Forests Department. The project consists of developments of homestays, capacity building of tourists guides and development of livelihoods for women.


Inauguration ceremony

The project inaugurated on 2nd Feb 2020, in the presence of Hon. Madhav Gogate ((Retd PCCF, Maharashtra (Wildlife), Hon.  Dr R.M Sharma (Retd. Director of ZSI), Hon. Mr Jayant Kulkarni (Executive Director, WRCS), Hon. Dr Prachi Mehta (Executive Director WRCS), Hon. Mahadev Mohite (DCF, STR), Hon. Mr Suresh Salunkhe (ACF), Mr.Amit Bhosale( RFO, Helwak), and Magar madam (RFO Koyna ). There were 30 aspirant people participated from 8 villages of project area. A brochure of homestay development published in the program.

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