CBCM workshop for farmers in Tamil Nadu and 'Keystone Foundation'  July 2018

Our work on "Community Based Conflict Management’ (CBCM) model is proving to be successful where farmers take it unto themselves to guard their own crops. The CBCM model is easy to learn and implement. Apart from implementing CBCM in villages in North Kanara district in Northern Karnataka, we have been training Forest Department Staff (from other elephant states such as West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Nagaland, Nepal, Odisha) Individual farmers, plantation owners, private companies, researchers and NGOs in CBCM method. 

Keystone Foundation is a well-established NGO in Tamil Nadu. On their request, a workshop was arranged for their farmers and Keystone  research team at our project site from 10th to 12th July 2018. The workshop was arranged at  Magod falls Nature Camp, Yellapur. During the workshop, the farmers were given hands on training in simple and low-cost crop protection methods including bee fencing, chilly based deterrents, early alert systems and farm-based  deterrents. The workshop started with a concept module in which  Mr. Ravi Yellapur and Mr. Aniket Motale from WRCS discussed the outcomes of the CBCM model in the project site and screened several films on various methods of crop protection that has been developed by WRCS and other NGOs. On the next day, participants visited the villages, interacted with farmers and field staff and were trained in using each method. On the last day, a revision was arranged for the participants where they were asked to organize crop protection methods on their own. The workshop was received very well by the participants including  Mr. Mahadesh B, Mr. Chandran and Mr. Justine Raj from Keystone Foundation and all the farmers who accompanied them.