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Tree Plantation

June 2020

In  June 2020, tree plantation has been carried out on 30 acres of non-agricultural private land with 5000 native tree species which have ecological significance and are economically beneficial. Private forest owners were convinced through individual interaction and group meetings to participate in tree plantation activity and conservation of their private forests. Plantation site selected on the basis of interest of private forests owners, status of private forests and availability of water. Pits of 1ft x 1ft x 1ft size dug in May 2020.

We encouraged local youth to do local nurseries for tree plantation. It helped us to procure seedlings in local area and sustainable livelihhod for the local youths. We also procured some seedlings from private nurseries. The species like Phanas, Bamboo, Awla, Hirda, Behda, Narkya, Mango, Khair, Sawar, Jambhul and Dalchini etc  selected for tree plantation. Seedlings were planted with the help of local people. The plantation activity took place in June and July 2020

Tree planation_Behada.jpg
Tree plantation view 4.jpg
Pit digging 2020.jpg
Tree plantation view 1.jpg
Tree plantation view 3.jpg
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