Tree plantation Program at Koyna, June 2015

A tree plantation program was carried out in Villages Bopoli and Devghar in June 2015 as part of the project for conservation of private forests at Koyna. The total number of plants planted in both villages was 5000. Native trees and fruit trees were planted such as Bamboo, Mango, Fanas, Jambhul, Kokum, Awla, Sawar, Hirda, Behda, Dalchini and Sawar. In Bopoli plantation was carried out on land belonging to Shri Ravindar Laad, Shri Dinesh Bhomkar, Shri Bhau Bhomkar and Shri Shankar Bhomkar. In Devghar plantation was carried out on land belonging to Shri Jagannath Sapkal and Shri Sitaram Pawar. In Bopoli an function was held to start tree plantation attended by large number of villages including the Sarpanch Shri Harish Bhomkar. Tree plantation was possible because of generous donations by Tata Motors, KPIT, Maharashtra Foundation, Mr. Sameer Katdare, Mrs. Shubhada Katdare and Mr. Vasant Malwade.