Know Your Owls : School Of Owls Workshop # 1

The first workshop in the series "School of Owls" was conducted for Forest Department staff of East Kalibhit Range of Khandwa Forest Division on January 7, 2015. Dr. Prachi Mehta gave presentations on owls with emphasis on threats to owls and conservation of owls. This was followed by a field visit where the group was successful in spotting a Brown Fish Owl, a Forest Owlet and a Jungle Owlet. The workshop helped to increase awareness about owls among the Forest Department and will be helpful in conservation of owls. On this occasion, WRCS released a published booklet "Know Your Owls" or " उल्लू हमारे दोस्त " in English and Hindi. Created for awareness and education, this booklet with photographs of the owl species found in East Kalibhit Range, their calls, and the threat to their survival. The workshop served the purpose of generating awareness and interest about owl conservation among the field staff. We thank East Kailbhit Range officer Mr. Ramesh Markam for logistic help. This project is being supported by DST New Delhi and RRCF, Mumbai.