Nature Awareness Camp for Ashram School Teachers

As the life around us is changing rapidly environmental issues like species loss, human-wildlife conflict and climate change are becoming more severe everyday. Environmental Education based on local flora and fauna has become relevant like never before.  WRCS is working with 22 ashram schools for tribal students in Melghat Tiger Reserve.

Taking note of this initiative the Melghat Tiger Reserve authorities conducted a nature awareness camp for ashram school teachers.  On 3rd and 4th May 2018, 28 Teachers from 17 ashram schools participated in a residential camp at Shahanur Ecotourism complex in MTR. Senior Ecologist of the Forest Department, Mr. Anirudh Chaoji, conducted the camp. The camp consisted of a slide show by Mr. Chaoji, evening safari to Narnala Fort and nature walk. Mr. Chaoji informed teachers on the value of wildlife conservation in tiger reserves such as Melghat. He guided the school teachers about creating environmental awareness among students. Mr. Shubham Singh Badratiye and Mr. Nikhil Jambhale from WRCS helped in managing the event.