Training in Natural farming at Kalpavruksha Farm

Gandhian farmer Shri Bhaskar Sawe's farm is located in Village Dehri in Valsad District of Gujarat on the border of Maharashtra. The farm is called "Kalpavruksha", meaning a wish-fulfilling tree.  Shri Bhaskar Sawe has been carrying out organic and natural farming of agricultural and horticultural crops for more than 50 years. He received his inspiration from advice and words of Mahatma Gandhi. He has developed many of the techniques himself through his own observations. He has received several awards for his work on organic farming.

WRCS conducted a training in organic and natural farming at Kalpavruksha farm, for farmers from Koyna, on April 3rd and 4th, 2015. The training was conducted by Shri Naresh Sawe and Shri Suresh Sawe and coordinated by Shri Abhijay Sawe with help from Shri Nandkumar Mhatre. The following farmers participated in the training: S/Shri Yogesh Mohite (Nechal), Sitaram Pawar (Kusavde), Amol Pawar (Kusavde), Jagannath Sapkal (Devghar), Vinayak Sapkal (Devghar), Vijay Patil (Rasati), Arun Surve (Rasati) and Rohit Jadhav (Rasati). Shri Jayant Kulkarni and Shri Sunil Kale coordinated the training from WRCS.

The participants learned about the harmful effects of modern farming based on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The produce has harmful content of pesticides and such farming practices are bad for the environment. The input costs of modern farming are very high therefore profitability is low. The farmer becomes dependent on seed, fertilizer and pesticide companies. In the case of natural farming the produce is healthy. Organic farming practices are beneficial for the environment. The input costs are low so the profit margin is high.

All the participants enjoyed the training. They learnt many useful things about natural farming that were an eye opener. All the farmers committed that they would start natural farming, at first in a small way and then increase it gradually. The training was possible because of a generous donation by Mr. Shridhar Shukla. We thank him for his support.