Livelihood training at Koyna for women's self help groups

Wildlife Research and Conservation Society (WRCS) held many separate capacity-building training workshops on livelihood enhancement for people from the Koyna region, near Sahyadri Tiger Reserve.

WRCS held livelihood enhancement workshops with support from KPIT and Maharashtra Foundation. The inaugural workshop, held on 18th and 19th April 2016, was attended by 22 women self-help groups (SHG) from 11 villages in the corridor region of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve. This workshop was held in partnership with Dr. V.T. Patil Foundation, headed by Smt. Kanchantai Parulekar. The workshop was coordinated by Mr. Sunil Kale from WRCS.


On the first day, 113 women participated from 22 SHGs participated, and were trained by four women, led by Smt. Kanchantai. They imparted training on SHG development, entrepreneurship, management, and its social relevance, including its role in women empowerment. Several useful products that can be made by women SHGs were demonstrated including food products, handicrafts, decorations, festive products. Participants thoroughly enjoyed and understood the objective of the training due to Kanchantai’s catchy teaching style. On the second day, 18 women were selected from five villages for training on manufacturing food items from locally available fruits, such as jackfruit and karvand. Various items were demonstrated and hands-on training was given to make products such as pickles, jams, squash, chips, and spreads among others.

Similar workshops were also held in Kemase and Helwak in May, July, and August 2016.