Citizens for Conservation: KPIT volunteers help in plantation at Koyna

WRCS is implementing a project for conserving private forests in the corridor region between Koyna Sanctuary and Chandoli National Park. This year WRCS carried out reforestation on 35 acres of private forest belonging to 8 owners. Conservation of private forests is important because it helps to increase the tree cover in the Western Ghats.

Understanding the importance of the project KPIT supported this program in the form of sponsoring their employees to do volunteering work in the revegetation program. The main activities where volunteers participated were seed collection, seed treatment for better germination, seed sowing, plant watering and pit digging for purpose of tree plantation.

Six batches of volunteers visited the project site on weekends from last week of April to mid-June, 2014. Totally 69 volunteers participated in the activity. The volunteers participated enthusiastically in the program and their participation was of great help in the revegetation program.