Workshop on efficient fuelwood stoves at Kanjoli

Fuelwood is the most widespread domestic fuel in Melghat. Unsustainable fuelwood extraction from forest is one of the main drivers of forest degradation. WRCS is making efforts to reduce fuelwood consumption by installing efficient stoves to reduce degradation of forests. As a beginning it was decided to carry out trials of alternative models of fuelwood stoves (choolhas). This exercise was carried out in Kanjoli village in Dhakna Range in West Melghat Forest Division from 16th to 19th October, 2016. This initiative will support the Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Jan Van Yojna which is being carried out by the Forest Department in this village. With the help of Samuchit Enviro Tech we installed 3 models of choolhas during this exercise. In addition we also modified a few traditional choolhas by installing iron gratings to improve their efficiency. The exercise aroused a great deal of interest among the villagers and many of them came forward to install the modified choolhas in their kitchens. The performance and acceptability of the choolhas will be monitored for one month by two young women from Kanjoli village. The exercise was inaugurated by Mr. Jayant Kulkarni from WRCS. Mr. Shubham Badratiye from Paratwada helped in the exercise. Mr. Ravindra Deshmukh and Mr. Pandhari Mangaonkar were the experts from Samuchit Enviro Tech who gave demonstrations and installed the choolhas. The Forest Department was represented by Forester Mr. AT Pundalik and Forest Guard Mr. GS Sawade from Hira Bambai and Forest watchman Mr. VJ More from Kanjoli. Range Officer, Dhakna Mr. Bhujade gave considerable support for the workshop. The Patel from Kanjoli village Mr. Ramlal Hira Kasdekar supported the exercise. Radha Ramlal Kasdekar and Radha Vishram Kasdekar will monitor the effectiveness and acceptability of the installed choolhas. WRCS thanks the Forest Department representatives for their active participation and help for the exercise and the Gram Panchayat members of Kanjoli village for their cooperation.