Tree Plantation June 2018

Tree plantation is one of the major activity in the project. Since 2014, we do tree plantation on degraded private forests with the undertaking of the private forest owners. The target groups of the project are the private forest owners whose private forests are in a degraded state. Private forest owners were convinced through individual interaction and group meetings to participate in tree plantation activity and conservation of their private forests.

We get a very encouraging response every year from private forest owners for tree plantation. This year, we got 14 applications from 6 villages, requested that tree plantation should be carried out on their land and promised to protect the planted trees. Our field team visited all potential sites and inspected area. Plantation site selected on the basis of the interest of private forests owners, the status of private forests and availability of water. For June 2018 plantation, we selected two sites of 10 beneficiaries at Nechal and Rasati village.

Tree plantation carried out on 23 acres of non-agricultural private land with 3500 native tree species which have ecological significance and are economically beneficial. The owner of private land the community have been actively involved in the initiative. The plantation will be protected and maintained for three years to ensure healthy growth and survival of planted trees and help regeneration of existing natural trees on the plantation site.