Tree Plantation June 2017

This year we received 20 applications from 7 villages requesting for tree plantation on their land. Based on the response received we selected five sites for plantation which are Bopoli, Dhankal, Nechal, Kusawde, and Nawaja At all sites pit digging, fertiliser application and soil fill were done in advance. 1ft x 1ft pits were dug for planting the seedlings. Plants were purchased from Vishal Nursery, Malharpeth and Jaganath Sapkal, Devghar (our previous beneficiary). The plantation was carried out in one week at the start of monsoon and planted within one week. Only native species were used for tree plantation for the conservation of native biodiversity. The species planted were Fanas, Bamboo, Kokam, Awla, Hirda, Behda, Narkya, Mango, Shikakai, Khair, Sawar and Dalchini.
Seeds of Hirda, Behda, Jambhul, Mango and Fanas were sown in the plantation area. The KPIT volunteers actively participated in tree plantation about 70 volunteers participated. The rest of the plantation done with the help of local people.