Conservation through Education - Second Workshop

15th and 16th November 2017 were busy yet enjoyable days at Semadoh Complex in Melghat Tiger Reserve. The occasion was the second environment education workshop for teachers from Melghat Schools. The first workshop was in July 2017 where we introduced the concept and importance of environmental education to the teachers of 24 Ashram Schools (Residential Schools). After having initiated the process, it was time to revise, review and reinforce the concept among the teachers.

From WRCS, Dr. Prachi Mehta, Mr. Nikhil Jambhale, and Mr. Shubham Singh were present for the workshop and from WWF- Mumbai, Ms. Vaibhavi Shitut was present for the workshop. The teachers were present in almost full attendance and participated with enthusiasm. The workshop was conducted through structured modules, activities and interactive programs. The teachers participated through role plays and discussions to elaborate on ecological linkages and inter-dependence concepts. During this workshop, the teachers were introduced to an interactive mobile app which will be used for uploading the activities of the students.  With the backdrop of tall teak trees, the pink chill of November winter and mouth-watering food with delicious jalebies added that perfect flavour to the workshop. All that starts well - well, goes on also very well! Stay tuned for our next workshop! 


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